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For fear of not shipping.
- Dec 02, 2018

A new (incomplete) feature

I had some time to work on this project this weekend and I've added a crude add project form. It does not do much other than create a record in the database about a project that you wish to have made. You can't even delete it after you make a project 😒. This is part 1/3 to making a new project on buildapart.io. Part 2 is uploading files to the project. Part 3 is sharing the project with the rest of the community to have made.

The good news

I spent even more time testing the file upload feature. This feature is pretty neat because the technology I'm using in the backend is tus.io. This technology allows you to pause and resume file uploads from your browser. You could even accidentally close the browser tab that is uploading files and reopen it and it will resume where it left off. I believe this will be helpful given how large CAD/project files can get. I don't want you to be frustrated by a failed upload.

Additionally I plan to use the very slick uppy.io interface. At first I only plan to allow direct uploads from your computer. If you store your project files in something like dropbox or google drive, let me know at support@buildapart.io and I can consider adding those as sources.

Other good news

I've begun working with Nathan about a brand strategy. I'm very excited to see what comes out of his thoughtful work flow.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

- Kyle

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