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- Nov 20, 2018

Dashboard updates

You can now update your user information. Not very exciting I know but it's an obvious thing to have.

What's next?

My next focus is going to be on project creation. My thought here is that the community will work around projects of various types. The most important aspect of this will be able to handle large file uploads. Which as I stated in my last blog post, I did some preliminary research on how to achieve this. I have some tools to test out.

Users should be able to make projects in one of 3 categories: design, prototype, part. They should be self explanatory, except prototype I'm thinking is more of a low/medium fidelity deliverable. Something you can get made physical but is allowed to be rough. Materials like foam, wax, paper, and clay fit this area pretty well. Let me know what you think.

- Kyle

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